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Inventor & Entrepreneur Talk at a Glance

An Unforgettable Event

Participate in Michigan Inventors Coalition 12th Annual Event!


Join us for a day of networking, pitches and education! The 11th Annual Michigan Inventors Expo will allow you to showcase your product, participate in the Spin, Pitch & Sell contest and takeaway helpful tips for further developing your invention.

Innovators, inventors, and other out-of-the-box thinkers pitch their ideas and connect with the resources needed to launch. If you would like to Pitch? Contact

Please email (616)402-4714 for more information.

Booth cost will be $50.00 limited space--- General admission $9.99


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michigan inventors coalition

We are creating a group that can help Michigan grow by supplying the know how on bringing a new invention to market. This Group is a collection of inventor groups across the state of Michigan.



The IGA strives to strengthen innovation throughout the nation through support, organization, and resources tailored to the inventing community.

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The name Medical Innovative Products speaks for itself. We look for ways to solve many of the problems the healthcare industry is facing. We believe reducing infections acquired while in the care of a medical facility can be accomplished through non-traditional methods.


michigan state university

Join us here, at one of the nation’s leading research universities and use your talent and grit to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. Be part of something exceptional. Spartans Will.



Mainvest is an investment platform that connects brick & mortar businesses with investors who care.

We’re reshaping the landscape of small business financing one Main Street at a time.


Crowdfund better

The Crowdfund Better Process™ is rooted in our founder’s experience as an educator and built on  of 9 years of consulting for a variety of crowdfunding campaign creators – from nonprofits to creatives to entrepreneurs to small businesses.


arb company

ARB Company is an innovation-driven entity geared towards capitalizing on invention.


Start garden

Investment begins as a relationship. Start Garden offers a wealth of connections into the entrepreneur community and those who support it. Every startup is different, so we’ll work with you to figure out how best to connect at the stage your in.

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Get to Know Inventor Group Leaders

And Find a Supportive Community in Your State

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The mission of NC3 is to educate, advocate, innovate, and promote the development of community capital.



The Centrepolis Accelerator is accelerating the growth of Michigan’s advanced manufacturing, and innovators.

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inventors network ky

Helping Inventors, Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses through Education, Engagement and Empowerment

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leo copywriting

Leo is a copywriter who uses evolutionary behavior to create branded marketing for an array of businesses.

Contact Inventor & Entrepreneur Talk

Get in touch with Inventor & Entrepreneur Talk to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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Ward Law Office

Registered Patent Attorneys. Protect Your Idea!

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World's First Lidless Airtight Storage Jars

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